CIS Vision Statement

CIS is a community characterized by multi-culturalism, internationalism, dynamism, and global-mindedness, where best practices in modern education and Confucius ideas fuse; an environment where students can achieve their full potential and become global citizens and ambitious, self-reflective learners, balanced enquirers and achievers, and ambassadors of Chinese culture.

School Philosophy

CIS has created a unique internationalized “Double Tri-Colour” education system, incorporating the advantages of Confucian New Six Arts Institute, British elite education(A-Levels), and American elite education(AP courses). CIS's education, through the three nurturing systems of society, school and family, amalgamates the internationalized New Six Arts with the finest curriculums in the world. The internationalized New Six Arts is an elevation of the traditional Confucian Six Arts which are“Li, Yue, She, Yu, Shu, Shù”. CIS is committed to the development of whole-student education with international perspective and skills. It is the sponsor of inheriting and promoting Chinese culture and Confucian Educational philosophy, and a pioneer in China's international elite education in terms of researching and developing international high quality education resources to combine the merits of both Chinese and Western education.


365棋牌游戏苹果下载 Confucius International School Qingdao has modern teaching facilities including buildings, classrooms, laboratories, libraries, meeting rooms, ICT rooms, language labs and student public areas, which are all equipped with supplementary teaching equipment. “Green” is an important concept in our campus and all building materials are recyclable. The resource of water is Laoshan Mountain, which is famous for mineral water. The air conditioning system is also unique for a Chinese high school campus as it continuously supplies fresh air to each classroom. Beautiful scenery and a comfortable environment enhance the learning efficiency of students. Boarding house teachers offer their warm and caring guidance to each student in the dormitory. The dormitory building is supervised by 24-hour CCTV for security. Two students share a room with an independent bathroom, heating system and air-conditioner. The campus also has a multifunction sporting stadium which allows students to enjoy different kinds of sporting activities.

Affiliations & Accreditations

CISQD was the first full-time British style boarding school to be awarded with the authorization of both the British National Examination Board Edexcel and Cambridge International Examinations as an Exam Centre. CISQD employs a high calibre foreign teaching team from Oxford University, Cambridge University, Harvard University and Yale University to provide excellent A-level & IGCSE education and helps Chinese students continue their education at more than 11,000 top universities from 160 countries and regions around the world.


Far East Horizon Education Group is one of the earliest financial institutions providing comprehensive financial service in education, science, culture and sports industry. It has been providing integrated financial solutions covering investment, financing and consulting for more than 1,000 institutions related to education, science, technology, culture and sports in the past few years.